Apple Stock Forecast and Analysis 2016

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Apple Stock Forecast and Analysis 2016 by the world's best trader on Apple.

Apple Stock Forecast and Analysis 2016 by the world’s best trader on AppleInvestors may acquire this premium stock forecast here. To know more about how to invest in Apple refer to existing articles on the Blog of the company.

Vieira Trading has a Strong Sell rating on Apple. In this premium stock forecast he discusses whether investors should buy Apple stock in 2016, or instead to remain short Apple.

Furthermore, this presentation also includes

  • stock pivots and ranges investors should be looking at;
  • guidance towards the coming earnings report;
  • iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface;

The ignorance surrounding Apple numbers and business is monstrous. I believe there is sufficient material to jail some hedge funds deceiving investors on the TV and web using social media channels while losing billions of dollars in the markets


This premium stock forecast is free for subscribers to the following services

  • live streaming trading platinum;
  • live streaming trading hedge funds;
  • live trading 365;
  • capital markets 365

Apple stock performance has been a disappointment for the vast majority of investors following up the guidance of Wall Street investment firms, but this does not constitute a surprise to professional investors who acquired investment positions against these non sense investment firms outlook. Refer to Billionaire Bets on Apple and Yelp stock crash.

Will Apple shares continue underperforming the broader market while the company continues beating earnings expectations?

Is Carl Icahn selling Apple or buying more? These are some common questions investors may have, but irrelevant to the future of Apple.

The world's best free live charts for Apple investors

Apple Downgraded to Sell Ahead of Earnings by stockmarketLIVE.TV on

Louis Rosenthal

Louis Rosenthal

I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit - hopefully you can find in my ideas and articles useful information. I started in the markets investing in Intuitive Surgical many years ago by following Vieira's guidance later on becoming a contributor 

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