What FitBit Investors Need to Know to Make Money

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What FitBit Investors Need to Know to Make Money. The best live stock charts on the web for stock market investors.

What FitBit Investors Need to Know to Make Money. The best live stock charts on the web for stock market investors.

Fitbit investors should follow the free real time guidance offered by the world’s best stock forecaster and trading algorithm. In our most recent free webinar for professional investors Vieira announced that he had no interest in maintaining a short position in Fitbit below $28.

Why are Fitbit shares rallying? Vieira announced changes in the trading algorithm used in GoPro (GPRO), Ambarella (AMBA) and Fitbit (FIT), i.e. investors should not treat them companies as one going forward.

Fitbit makes wearable fitness trackers, while GoPro sells action cameras. Both had high hopes for holiday sales. But shares of Fitbit are rallying while those of GoPro are falling.

The two consumer gadget makers have seen share prices hammered in recent months. Fitbit went public in June and rose initially, hitting a high of almost $52, but has since fallen 23%. GoPro, meanwhile, has dropped almost 70% since the start of 2015.

Is Fitbit better than GoPro? Fundamental analysis suggest it, for example rivals as  Garmin (GRMN), which makers fitness trackers seems to be losing ground to Fitbit (FIT). Vieira maintains a Strong Sell rating in Garmin shares since $97, while raised Fitbit (FIT) to neutral at $28.

Fitbit (FIT) was indeed a terrific selling short opportunity on CNBC scum ratings upgrading shares to Strong Buy ahead of a crash, but CNBC sheep followers are gone, they lost all their money.


Fitbit shares were among the best stock market performers this week closing above $33 after Vieira’s free market call at $28. A far better investment for savvy short sellers appears to be Chipotle poison according to Vieira’s stock analysis downgrading to Strong Sell above $720

Louis Rosenthal

Louis Rosenthal

I am the author of the famous article Short GoPro stock is worth $1 Billion Profit - hopefully you can find in my ideas and articles useful information. I started in the markets investing in Intuitive Surgical many years ago by following Vieira's guidance later on becoming a contributor 

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