Win a Ferrari Trading GoPro Stock Forecast for Hedge Funds 2016

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Win a Ferrari Trading GoPro Stock Forecast for Hedge Funds 2016. GoPro shares crashed to a new all time low after Vieira Trading announced a remarkable offer - Win a Ferrari 488 GTB selling short GoPro

Win a Ferrari Trading GoPro Stock Forecast for Hedge Funds 2016. GoPro shares crashed this morning to a new all time low after Vieira announced a remarkable offer yesterday – Win a Ferrari 488 GTB selling short GoPro.

GoPro has been a historical selling short opportunity worth $1 billion net profit for professional investors  aware of the scam on the media pumping shares to bubble prices.

How much lower can GoPro shares go? Can GoPro make a come back, or is the company ultimately going the same path as BlackBerry (BBRY), former Research in Motion (RIMM) which had to change its name to escape the same destiny as Petrobras (PBR), one of the greatest scams ever in the history of the financial markets.

Vieira discusses GoPro until the end of the year as well as going into 2016. In this premium stock forecast he offers clear instructions for existing superior minds, GoPro short sellers who have been religiously following his advice.

When Vieira created the Basic Trading Course teaching one how to invest in the markets he chose GoPro since IPO for several reasons. In the first video of this course, Vieira promised to attendees that anyone would have the opportunity to become a millionaire.

Those investors in the initial Trading Course who renewed their license continue today receiving new lessons and videos unlike new subscribers. Vieira rewards loyalty and performance among subscribers above anything else.

The last time Vieira offered $1 million dollars to short sellers Apollo Group (APOL) plunged to single digits losing more than 93% since its top!!

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Notice this stock forecast is also FREE to live streaming trading platinum subscribers.

It seems that FitBit (FIT) one of the best gainers on the exchange today is very different from GoPro, but investors knew when to close short positions since the world’s best trader made a free real time announcement on the best Blog in the industry.

FitBit (FIT) shares rallied to $33.37 a tremendous gain for hedge funds after betting on the crash down to $28.

Take a look at the best Live charts for FitBit investors in the industry.




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