How to Become a Millionaire Selling Short GoPro the Best Stock of 2015.  The real story behind GoPro and Ambarella stock crash. 

One year ago Oleg was trading on his own. He heard about Vieira for the first time three years ago, however he did not care much at that time. After spending the past years investing irregularly, trying his luck on stock guru tips, he quick found out that he was either a fool, or very unlucky since the account was regularly going down. Finally, Oleg decided to make move listening to one of his best friends acquainted with Vieira.

Today he’s leading a team of seven. Meet Oleg one of the most successful stories in the investment community.

If my life changed when I learned how to invest in Pandora Media – a story I had the pleasure to tell you about here, Oleg’s change became possible by experience the same process I was exposed to, but this time around in companies as GoPro and Ambarella.

Today, he is one of the collaborators in Live Markets Premium. He is by far a better investor than most of us, including myself.

When today in the morning GoPro shares opened down almost 8% to $19 a new all time low I had no doubts Wall Street and common investors finally realized that Vieira has been right about it since IPO alerting investors for the existence of fraud on the media ahead of the crash.  Refer to Jim Cramer public advice to invest in GoPro and Ambarella ahead of a stock market crash

Even GoPro long term bulls gave up selling short shares after realizing that’s the only way to make $1 billion as Vieira announced downgrading shares to Strong Sell at $95, thereafter reiterating his own downgrade in 2015 on the day Jim Cramer, Mad Money CNBC host named GoPro a bargain at $65.

Vieira has been advising firms and hedge funds on how to invest in GoPro since IPO – refer to the most recent article making fun of GoPro Ponzi scheme scam

We have written more than 60 articles on How to Invest in GoPro and Ambarella since IPO. Vieira’s uncanny stock predictions helping investors for free around the world

Vieira's Live Trading comments on GoPro new all time lows