Fossil Group Stock Forecast 2016. Win a Ferrari 488 GTB

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Fossil Group Stock Forecast 2016. Win other Ferrari 488 GTB

Since my second article on a stock market crash was made available more than 90 new articles have been written on the Live Blog containing ideas for investors.

We have not missed a single one! On Friday shares of Fossil Group (FOSL) crashed 36.5% – know more why Fossil Group shares are crashing.

Every time I post a bearish article on the site, markets immediately plunge, an undeniable fact used by investors all over the world to make their best year ever trading in the markets

Well, I have great news. We have been working 24 x 7 helping investors in Capital Markets 365 and Live Markets 365 to nail this historical opportunities.

As soon as markets closed on Friday, I have been asked to give my opinion on Fossil Group going into 2016, therefore here it is including our strategies and the way I see it moving.

A quick note before proceeding. This content has been made partially available for free to Live markets premium subscribers – read the existing articles in the service.

Having said this, Fossil Group will remain one of our top opportunities in the markets for the coming months which is excellent news for all of you.

It’s the total collapse, the meltdown, bloody crash. American stock analysts continue missing them all. Continue listening to them and to Jim Cramer on CNBC.


You can rent Fossil Premium stock forecast here.

NOTE: given the exorbitant level of net profit in the services I cannot make any discounts. Furthermore, nowadays stock forecasts are selling out within the first 48 hours.

There is a promotion going on. Grab it here.

I told you folks in live streaming platinum, the Ferrari 488 GTB was guaranteed! We continue NOT accepting NEW orders for live streaming trading platinum until year’s end. This situation might extend going into 2016 unless some clients retire, or we make structural changes which are not expected to happen since we are not dedicated to selling services, but rather to trading our own accounts.


Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is married and is the father of two. He's been an investor for 30 years. His public uncanny track record is available on the web demonstrating what no one else has been able to do.

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