Live Markets Blog Investment articles worth $200 million profit

Live Markets Blog Investment articles worth $200 million profit.  Live market premium and platinum live streaming trading represent our best sellers the past month.  Nilolay’s stock picks Live Blog articles on different matters are estimated to be worth a minimum of $200 million net profit according to a survey carried out among hedge funds.

This means that hedge funds agree with the opinion expressed on those articles since they refer to information which has made available to them ahead of major moves in the markets.

This information helped investors as Oleg making $16 million dollars in the past couple of months. Oleg is one of the subscribers to this service investing in the markets on his own. Nikolay’s is famous for his investments in Apple, Rackspace Hosting and Yelp betting on a crash.  

Live markets premium offers investors access to Live markets standard features plus the trading course, premium charts, real time collaboration, live streaming elite and special Nikolay’s articles. Here you have a list of existing articles.

One of the most popular Nikolay’s articles is stock picks to sell short one million shares including a list of priorities, price targets referring to existing recommendations made available on this site to investors worldwide.

He creates content to investors at a far better price compared to Vieira who charges by far more on his stock forecasts and earnings calls.

Some of the existing Nikolay’s articles surpassed Vieira’s popularity on the Live Blog. Furthermore, more than 70% of existing Live markets premium customers added to their subscriptions live streaming platinum instead of maintaining live streaming elite within their first month which is impressive.

Both, Vieira and Elena have been contributing to Nikolay’s project

  • translating material from Russian into English since Nikolay’s does now speak, or write in English;
  • helping clients with real time collaboration, one of the most important features of this service;
  • adding video commentary to some articles;

A good example of team’s help is given in the article longest bear market in history how to invest going forward. Oleg and Sergey complete reviews will be available soon on this Blog.

Vieira personal attention has been focused lately in a free live streaming trading project for UAE nationals.

Given the success of this project Vieira has decided to create a new website dedicated to this project only.

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