Vieira buys QIHU shares upgrading to Strong Buy

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Vieira buys QIHU shares upgrading to Strong Buy. Invest in Qhioo 360 – a terrific investment opportunity in this Chinese tech company.

I upgraded shares of this Chinese tech company to Strong Buy at $46. Herein, I am going to prove it giving investors instructions on how to invest in Qhioo going forward as video on demand.

I bet on Qhioo (QIHU) stock crash as discussed on the website all the way down to my price target $46.

The team at Vieira Trading announced on the Live Blog that our clients closed short positions at $46.

This article was posted to our Blog in real-time. We have maintained the best Blog in the world for professional investors for the past 7 years an extraordinary hallmark.

Our clients covered short positions at $46 as the team announced on the Blog to invest in this terrific Chinese tech company with an important potential.


To know more on how to invest in Qhioo 360, how much higher shares can go refer to the existing lesson available as video on demand. Therein, I discuss investment rules for Qhioo investors as well as other investment opportunity in China tech. A must have asset for serious investors in the stock market.

Personally, I would like to congratulate my clients who believed in Qhioo 360 (QIHU) crash along with me. These are the same folks who invested in Lululemon (LULU) on my upgrade to Strong Buy announced on the Blog.

It’s with enormous satisfaction that today we have Lululemon shares at new 52 week highs surging on a stock analyst upgrade which I was pretty confident to happen upon my personal announcement.

Qhioo shares are also surging on the exchange being one of the best performers for the day trading near $59.

Once again I proved that competition is light years ahead of our work. We anticipate all major moves in the stock market ahead of everyone else offering to our dear clients a great competitive advantage.

know more about my work on QIHU calling a crash from $120 down to $46

I have been discussing opportunities as Qhioo, Twitter, Tesla and Lululemon daily on Live streaming for professional investors.

We are going to make great announcements soon!

Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira

Alex Vieira is married and is the father of two. He's been an investor for 30 years. His public uncanny track record is available on the web demonstrating what no one else has been able to do.

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