Vieira Bets Against Oil and Harvard University Endowment

Vieira Bets Against oil and Harvard University Endowment. Vieira Trading Bets on Oil Stocks Crash. Vieira warned investors about oil crash recommending a multi million bet on the short side against Harvard University’s endowment bullish stocks

Vieira sees bubble in oil stocks

According to Vieira, Harvard University Endowment has been taken the appropriate steps to continue underperforming long term. Vieira expects Harvard University Endowment to eventually run into problems since its team of unprofessionals is out of control.

Vieira has a short position in Halliburton (HAL) and a Sell rating on the stock.

Vieira is septic about Harvard, a University whose team is clueless about John Forbes Nash Game Theory

Harvard is run by the same idiots who claim that stock prices cannot be predicted therefore they are gambling in the stock market.


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