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For Hedge Fund Managers & Investment Banks

Real time stock trade alerts, video on demand trading lessons, trading courses, market live analysis, stock forecasts in 100 leading companies and IPO’s, and one-to-one collaborative trading rooms for the ultimate experience. The most complete marketplace for investors in the industry.

Learn how to trade with the best team in the world including live instructions and coaching. We offer one-to-one custom tailored solutions for professional investors.

Best Collaborative Software Platform in the industry. Our solutions run on the platform that won two Stevie awards, a Gold medal for Best New Product or Service of Year Software, Cloud Platform and a Silver medal in Collaboration Networking Solution.

A wide range of services for hedge fund managers and investment banks. From stock forecasts to real-time sensitive information. Visit the marketplace for professionals.

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Our collaborative trading platform revolutionizes the industry offering the best trading system ever for ultimate performance and e-learning experience.



Live Trading

Receive real-time trade alerts and learn how to invest in the world’s best companies across different market sectors from IPO’s to the future world leading companies.

Large market cap, speculative, IPO’s, low and highly volatile stocks and ETF’s. We cover them all sharing real-time information on a award-winning platform.

Live Streaming

The only true daily live coverage of stock market events in real-time.

Upgrades, downgrades, trade alerts, live comments & instructions helping investors to comprehend and benefit from the markets.

Different streams for hedge funds, investment banks and retail investors.

Video on Demand

The world’s best video on demand library for serious investors containing priceless recorded live content. Stock outlook, earnings calls, education on hundreds of  basic and advanced topics available for download or renting.

Our video on demand library permanently updated constitutes the framework upon which the world’s best case studies in successful investment are created.

Trading Courses & Lessons

Become a millionaire learning how to invest in the markets. The world’s best live market calls recorded on video for non-professionals, hedge fund managers and investment banks. It validates Vieira’s methodology which can be used on any scenario including IPO’s.

Stock Market Live Blog

Our mission is to offer the best real time tools for investors while providing access to the most sensitive and unbiased information. Our Blog is a mirror of this statement.

Live Blog is a free service in which our commentators offer their views on moves and news in the markets. Vieira, Guermanov and David offer insight into share price moves and other financial asset news, dissect analysts’ research notes, live market calls and highlight market-moving events.

Award-winning platform


We use the best collaborative platform in the industry to teach you how to trade in the financial markets. Everything is done in real-time. You have your own collaborative private space with permanent access to experts

The best marketplace for professional investors.

Single lessons, special bundles, stock forecasts, private workspace, live video made available to investors on the best collaborative platform in the industry. Prices for non-professionals and market professionals.

Limited licenses available for certain products.